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Impressions + Reach

One of the biggest assets you can ever need when using Instagram platform is getting more impressions/reach. The question is how do you get more people to see your post? The more impressions your post has, the higher chance you have for reaching the Explores Page. 

top live story

Have you ever reached the top live yet? How hard is it to continuously reach top live? Top live not only exposes you to new people but has one of the highest close rates for opt-ins for a service or product. 

post saves

Did you know the more post saves you have the more Instagram rewards you with growth and engagement. Not only do they reward you but their hyper targeting gets even more precise and makes sure that your posts are put in front of the right audience. 

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Business Advantage is huge tool to leverage. Spoke to an expert about drop-shipping. Within 3 days I made my first $500 day. I thank Business Advantage so much because I been trying for a two months to get results. They showed me the strategies to market my product on Facebook and Instagram.

Lizzie Thompson

"Boomul is an excellent service that organically grows your Instagram page in terms of followers and engagement - I have seen solid results. They are like the little elves that do amazing work as we sleep and leave no spam trace."

Emma Velasquez

"I want to give a shout out to Boomul for really changing the scope of my business. Literally, was struggling trying to make sales. With the personal brand expert consultation and a little work on my end I was able to grow my IG to 10K=$$$. Having my brand reach Top Live Story feels amazing/unreal."

Robert Gaspar

"I want everyone to know Business Advantage is a great marketing tool that will not let you down. My mixed martial arts gym is now getting recognition and support from agents and legit fighters. The Top Live Story feature is so not even know how to explain it. Boomul definitely delivers the one punch KO in marketing!"

Will Hamilton

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