Question: What is Boomul actually doing for me?


Answer: We use a database to target people that have the potential to be interested in your content based off their previous habits, interests and patterns (ML - Machine Learning)



Question: How do I cancel my account?


Answer: Reach out to your account manager and they will get everything cancelled and removed from the system.



Question: Hours Of Operation?


Answer: Boomul’s service runs 24/7 and is always going in the background. Support hours might vary as to how fast you will get a response, but there is not a specific “open and close” time if you will.




Question: What are power likes?


Answer: Powerlikes are when we plug you into our network with numerous big Instagram account to have them like your posts. By doing so, you are significantly increasing your potential of going viral




Question: What are ranking hashtags?


Answer: Hashtags are something you use to get your content seen by a certain audience. Ranking for a certain hashtag means that you come up as one of the top posts under that hashtag. Now that basically means that a lot of people who are interested in that hashtag/niche/topic are going to see your content, which will significantly boost your exposure.




Question: What should I do on my end to help my account grow?


Answer: You will need to focus on 2 thing: Posting good content consistently, and using the right hashtags on those posts. That’s it. If you can do that effectively, we will take care of the rest




Question: What are engagement groups?


Answer: An engagement group is a group of people anywhere from 3 to tens of thousands of people who like and comment on your post right when you post it. By doing this, you are getting immediate engagement to your post, and Instagram likes to see it. This will help boost your post even further to reach more people




Question: When should I expect the power likes to start working?




Answer: The powerlikes will start working as soon as we get your account activated, but will only hit once you start posting. So we recommend you post within a few days of getting everything set up, just to ensure that everything is working properly




Question: When will I get added to the engagement groups?


Answer: You will be automatically added to our groups when we approve your account. So within 24 hours of signing up




Question: How fast should I expect to grow?


Answer: It really depends, and I know people hate to see that answer, but its the truth. We cannot guarantee a specific number, because its real organic growth & engagement. If anyone says a specific number, that means it’s fake. We have account who see growth upwards of thousands every week, and there’s people who grow 30 followers a day. It really just depends on a lot of things, especially how well you do your end of things (posting and hashtags)




Question: Hashtags you want to target vs hashtags you want to rank?


Answer: Hashtag you want to target should be a little bit more broad, whereas what you want to rank on should be much more narrow/keyword specific (smaller size tags)




Question: How Do I Get My Verification code?


Answer: Your verification code is the 6-digit code that Instagram will send you, and we need that in order to activate your account if you have had your Instagram account active for more than 3 months. Instagram should send this to you via text or email (whichever you selected)